第156回:The 7 Faces of Monkey D. Luffy




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The 7 Faces of Monkey D. Luffy

This chapter’s title clues us in from the get-go that Chapter 1000’s main story revolves around our Captain, Monkey D. Luffy! In this single chapter we’re shown the many sides of Luffy from aloof, friendly, comical, dedicated, and most impressively, as a force to be dealt with! Of these many aspects of Luffy, Oda-sensei made it a point to construct not one but two scenes to showcasing Luffy’s dedication to his friends.

This should be a reminder that Luffy’s core is the dedication to his friends which he learned from Shanks in Chapter 1.

You can spit on him, you can insult him, but don’t insult his friends…and don’t ruin Shanks’ hat.

Weekly Shonen Jump #5+6 Ch. 1000

Roc the Dragon

Luffy’s “Red Roc” is the first incarnation of the flaming ‘Red’ series of attacks Luffy has utilized with Gear 3rd. Red Hawk was a swift bird of prey which makes sense for the speedy Gear 2nd. So, rather appropriately, Luffy traded out a swift raptor for a tremendous mythical hawk-like bird of prey! This opens up the door for an entire line of new attacks with Gear 3rd but we’re still somewhat in the dark as to why Luffy can summon flames out of seemingly nowhere…

Weekly Shonen Jump #5+6 Ch. 1000

Ace, Luffy, and Roger

What did Luffy shout to the ocean that day? What did Roger say to Oden and Whitebeard?

Whatever it was, we can probably guess that it was what led Shanks to believing in Luffy and giving his arm up for him. Speaking of Roger, the tragedy of Ace showing some respect for his father, without knowing it was him, was really tough to read!

Two quick notes here! The official English translator of One Piece noted that Yamato’s words to Ace regarding the usefulness of the Vivre Card are precisely the same words Ace uses to describe it to Luffy in Alabasta!

And last but not least (even though it could be a complete coincidence) It’s interesting to note that where Ace struck Kaido’s statue is precisely where Luffy punched Kaido at the end of this chapter! A punch that took years to find its mark!

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