第147回:The Oni and the Hannya



The Oni and the Hannya

Well now THAT was interesting! I found myself doing a double-take for the first time in quite a while!

I love how Oda-sensei subtlety hinted at Yamato’s origins via the mask! While this could easily be mistaken for an oni, I was a bit perplexed by its resemblance to a hannya. Hannya are well known in Japanese theatrical stage culture (in particular, noh) for representing characters who are the physical manifestation of twisted female souls. In this case, the mask proper could easily have been used by Oda for a stylistic choice but no, it literally represented Yamato’s origins!

In addition to that, although the term ‘yamato’ traditionally refers to Japanese idealism, ‘yamato nadeshiko’ refers to the idealized image of a Japanese female.

In short, the answer was right in front of our face the entire time. Bravo Oda-sensei.

Now the question is, how does Kaido feel about Yamato’s decision to ‘be’ Kozuki Oden? Is he supportive? Is he opposed to the choice? I still believe their relationship may be closely related to the dramatic conclusion of the arc!

Explosives for Dummies

Ohooo! Lookie here! Somebody is using their newfound Ryuo powers! Look at those explosive results! Is this how Luffy will remove Kaido’s impenetrable scales!?

Weekly Shonen Jump #31 Ch.984