Stunning colorspread with plenty of tiny words and phrases to ponder over! Let’s take a look at them!

MUSIC doesn’t….

A long one here and I’m not entirely sure it’s sequential but just the same let’s read it in order:

MUSIC doesn’t have to
? u….versal LANGUAGE
And be

I think they might have been trying to say that music is a universal language and doesn’t need translation. Thoughts?


SOUND? SOUL? Your guess is as good as mine!



“Every LIFE has ST”
Every life has Style? Soul Train?

The next three albums are tough to discern but the very back one starts with the word “BABY”. They listening to some Britney!? Baby Metal maybe!?


No idea! Anyone out there have a guess?


MUSIC doesn’t LIE

エリンギ‘Eringi’ Eringi are long and thin mushrooms that look like…well actually it’s drawn right there above the text!

カリズマ ‘Charismatic’ is on Chopper’s shirt and pants. It’s usually

U for Usopp and D for Dog. Simple. Easy. Basic.

“MUSIC is an mouth of the SOUL”

Grammar point aside pretty straightforward!


“EL DIS” & “6…”? No idea!

“RED BE…” Maybe ‘Red Beer’?

Top left bottle looks like 響 or ‘hibiki’ meaning a ‘sound’, usually one that reverberates.

The right bottle *looks* like 黒 (black) ….something. Can’t quite tell. My guess for Zoro would usually be 黒龍 or ‘black dragon’ but that doesn’t look like the objective here.


Wait a second…continuing from the last chapter…is that…Yes! I think it is! Can you see it?

And here too!?

Laugh by Number

Here’s our first clear look at one of the Numbers and as their name suggests, yes, this seems to confirm that they all have names *and laughs* associated with a specific number. So at least #5 and #9 should be at Queen’s party.

The Who’s Who of Who’s-Who

前回、フーズ・フーは偵察部隊のトップではないかと紹介したけど、ホラ! やっぱりあの奇妙な目のマークがあるクルーが、フーズ・フーに報告してる!

We discussed the possibility of Who’s-Who being the head of a reconnaissance group within Kaido’s crew and here we see someone with the eye mark reporting to him.

What’s more, check out Who’s-Who’s direct team. They’re all cat themed. The NK on the big fellow’s arms might even stand for ‘NeKo’ or cat.

Does each member of the “Flying Six” have a personal-themed squad? Like those bee-themed heroes we saw a while back? Or the yokai-like figures that have popped up here and there?

Weekly Shonen Jump #21+22 Ch.978
Weekly Shonen Jump #27 Ch.981

The Island Formerly Known as ????

Hold up a second. Marco’s saying that this island wasn’t always called Onigashima? What was it called before? And why is this potentially very important for our story? First of all, why does Marco even know about this island to begin with? We haven’t seen any scenes of him on or anywhere near this island…or have we?

Did you feel that there was a certain scene missing from the Oden flashback? I definitely got that vibe. There was one scene that I swore for years *must* have taken place on Wano and yet it was entirely absent. I’m referring to this scene of Roger and Whitebeard:

Granted this could be anywhere. But…those cherry blossoms? Is there really anywhere else it could have been but Wano? I was crushed when this scene wasn’t in Oden’s flashback! Was I wrong? Oda-sensei just holding this scene back for when it would be most poignant?

Did Roger and Whitebeard secretly come to Wano in order to meet Oden one last time? Theoretically, this could have taken place around the time Oden was forced to perform like a puppet for Orochi. Was Oden part of this meeting and we’re just not seeing him? But back to the topic at hand…IS THIS SETTING AT ONIGASHIMA!?

A so-called ‘lonely island’ would have been an ideal location for them to meet in relative secrecy. What’s more, we’ve seen that aside from Kaido’s thugs, the island is blessed with bountiful nature. Now, from what little we’ve seen, Onigashima is mostly a winter-based island, but was it always that way? Does it enjoy rotating seasons? I must say, the clouds certainly don’t look like Wano clouds but who knows!

Besides the privacy, this island may even hold some significance to Oden. If the beast this island is made of was antagonistic, I’m inclined to believe that the Kozuki or the Amatsuki family were responsible for its defeat, making this island a special, or even sacred place for these families. Perfect place for these chums to share a reminiscent drink.

Weekly Shonen Jump #28 Ch.982
ONE PIECE Vol.59 Ch.576