第57回:Mark of the Sun



Smooth Move

Did you notice how Kanjuro’s brush sticks out of the panel here? Although that’s a technique generally reserved for comic elements, here the reader subconsciously sees that as Kanjuro moving forward to help out which creates the illusion of a smooth advance without using any movement lines. It feels so natural that I didn’t even catch this until my third read through of the chapter!

Request Fulfilled

Finally! Confirmation of that ‘favor’ Nami asked of Usopp back on Sabaody Archipelago!

Another famous Tact upgrade! This time Usopp *and* Franky both worked on the project so I’m expecting great things! Is it just me or does this tact give off some serious Power Pole vibes?

The fact that a monkey mink is jumping back in surprise gives it even more of a Saiyuuki feel.

Weekly Shonen Jump #19 Ch.822
One Piece Vol.61 Ch.598

Mark of the Sun

Woah! Alabasta had a flag!?

Looks like it! And it’s not the first time it’s popped up either! Back in Chapter 217, Igaram, disguised as Vivi, waved a fan with the symbol. Given Alabasta’s desert climate and the Japanese rising sun used on real-life fans in a similar fashion, it seems safe to assume that it represents the sun.

If you notice, in the crowd scenes immediately following the Alabasta revolution, no one is waving the flag, however, now the flag is seen being waved by people in the crowd.

This goes a long way to show that the once divided citizens of Alabasta have come to have pride in their country and royal family again!

Also, is it just a coincidence that the Kozuki clan kamon also bears an identical mark?

Weekly Shonen Jump #13 Ch.817
Weekly Shonen Jump #20 Ch.823
One Piece Vol.24 Ch.217


Brushing Up On Details

Thanks to glorious color we finally have confirmation of Kanjuro’s ability to infuse his brush…erm…sword(?) with Haki.

While it seemed that his brush might be some kind of trick weapon similar to Brook’s cane, it’s possible that he simply wields a sword-like brush which he can effectively use in battle thanks to his Color of Arms ability!

TV Anime #730

Shall We Doflamingo?

ROWR! What a battle! Did you see the skirmish between Viola and Doflamingo? In a completely anime-original segment, viewers were treated to an exciting- and passionate- scene where Viola takes on Doflamingo in combat!

Sadly this fight was largely skipped over in the comic but the anime shows Viola utilizing one of her signature Devil Fruit moves and even goes so far as to show glimpses of her knife-based fighting style which, if you watch closely, resembles an intricate dance; precisely what Viola is famous for among the people of Dressrosa.

TV Anime #731