第54回:Countdown to Wano



‘Kamon’ Everybody

Family crests or ‘kamon’ as they’re called in Japan, are used by families, similar to their use in Western cultures, to denote individuals of a specific lineage and are often loaded with symbolism either related to the family name and/or business.

Although the Kozuki kamon appears similar to many real Japanese kamon, the designs sprouting from its sides make it at least somewhat unique among the many real circular patterns and, given the similarity to crossbones, suggest that the Kozuki family may have been ancient pirates who sailed the world and learned much about it.

As for the design of the crane in the kamon, it appears to be behind a sun; a sun that appears strikingly similar to the sun on Franky’s T-shirt.

As the translation of Kozuki literally means ‘light’ and ‘moon’ one finds it odd that the crest would feature a sun as opposed to the moon. Is the crane blocking the moon? Or is what appears to be a sun actually something else?

Nami Diable?

Two chapters ago it seemed that Nami was close to mastering Soru and now she’s…burning up like Diable Jambe!?

In the future, will Nami’s passionate spirit allow her to control small-scale weather conditions without the use of a weapon!?

Weekly Shonen Jump #14 Ch.818

Countdown to Wano!

This chapter included a HUGE hint for careful readers as to the exact placement of the upcoming battle at Wano. Back in Column #41 I mentioned that we might be treated to something exciting on the night of the next full moon in the One Piece universe. Well, that night has come and gone on Zou. But did you notice? The sky was clouded, denying us a chance to experience a full moon on Zou. Why was this important? What does this tell us about Wano? Read on!

Chapter 811 and 814 gave us a glimpses of a full moon that was almost entirely visible behind a cloudy sky. We’ve gotten a few hints that *something* happens on Zou when there’s a *clear moonlit night*. In Chapter 805, Wanda first hinted that the results of Luffy’s match with The Guardians might not have ended so favorably if it was, “…a moonlit night.” Later, in Chapter 811, Wanda remarks, curiously enough with relief, that even though it’s a full moon, ‘the sky is cloudy’.

So what *is* the secret of a full moon’s power on Zou? Considering Wanda’s comment from Chapter 804, it would seem that it relates to the physical power of the mink and Chapter 819 seems to have given us our first clear confirmation of that notion!

Dogstorm suggests that in the upcoming battle with Kaidou and the Shogun, the mink will show their ‘true power’. AHAH! There it is, the true power of the mink, whatever that might be, is brought forth under the unobscured light of a full moon. If that’s the power the mink hope to show in the upcoming battle, and the cycle of the moon in the One Piece universe is anything like ours, the battle for Wano will occur under the light of a full moon in approximately 26 days! That is, of course, the in-universe timeline, so don’t get too excited; the real-world time and exactly how many adventures Luffy and his crew will have up until then remain a mystery!

Weekly Shonen Jump #5・6 Ch.811
Weekly Shonen Jump #15 Ch.819
One Piece Vol.80 Ch.805


The Chosen One

Trebol mentions that Doflamingo is, “…the true king who was chosen by heaven!” This comment is related to Doflamingo’s supremely evil nature and his ability to use Conqueror’s Haki but most importantly it also recognizes his birth as one of the Celestial Dragons. Sound familiar? Back before we knew the secret of Doflamingo’s lineage, in Episode 619 a desperate Monet said something strikingly similar in her last-ditch effort to thwart the Straw hats’ efforts on Punk Hazard.

Before pushing a self-destruct mechanism Monet said, “You [Doflamingo] are truly the only man [worthy of] becoming the King of the Pirates.” Luffy’s crew members believe the same thing in him but for almost entirely opposite reasons: his humility, his positivity and his unflinching resolve. Doflamingo’s ‘family’ follow him because of his royal lineage, his evil core and, not unlike Luffy, his resolve. Doflamingo is basically Bizarro Luffy.

TV Anime #619
TV Anime #723

‘Suits’ Them Right

As the final installment of the Dressrosa arc featuring a struggle against one of Doflamingo’s top officers, Episode 724 saw the addition of scenes only hinted at in the comic.

The founding members of the Donquixote Family parade through towns making a name for themselves by pursuing violent retribution under the pretext of protecting their leader, Doflamingo.

Along with flashback scenes from the previous episode, we can glean that Trebol is as much to blame for fostering Mingo’s darkness as the Celestial Dragon environment he was born into. Upon learning of Doflamingo’s mastery of Conquerer’s Haki, Trebol’s rough and tumble gang saw an opportunity in creating a bond with Mingo by giving him everything he wanted and more. They benefitted in the long-run when Mingo’s devious nature, his physical power and knowledge of his lineage allowed him to hold the Celestial Dragons for ransom while granting the Donquixote Family a near-untouchable status in the criminal world. Good riddance, Trebol!

TV Anime #724