第34回:Don't Take His Size For Granite


Return of the Situational T-Shirts!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen one of these! The last one I remember clearly seeing was back in Chapter 724. The romaji on the shirt reads ’NANDATTE’ which means, well, exactly what he says, "What do you mean?!"

My favorite of these t-shirts has to be from the Fishman Island arc. In Chapter 625, when it originally ran in Weekly Shonen Jump, a nameless crowd character could be seen wearing a T-shirt with the Criminal brand logo. However, since the Criminal brand hadn’t actually been made yet, it created a paradox! Realizing this before the chapter was published in Volume 63, the mistake was corrected and instead became ’SIKU JITTA’, or in English, "Oopsie!"

Weekly Shonen Jump 2011 #24 Ch.625

Weekly Shonen Jump #17 Ch.780
One Piece Vol.73 Ch.724
One Piece Vol.63 Ch.625

Gamma Knife

I sometimes wonder if there’s a limit to the power of the Op Op Fruit. Now Law can wield a freaking *gamma knife*!? An actual gamma knife isn’t a knife at all, but an expensive machine that looks something like an MRI chamber. How expensive? Well, you too can own your own gamma knife if you happen to have FIVE MILLION DOLLARS collecting dust?!

Law says that the attack will ’destroy Doflamingo from the inside’ and technically, that’s what real gamma knife treatment does…well…not destroy *you* per se, (at least not when used as intended) the device emits ’harmless’ beams that when brought to a focal point, deliver a dose of site-specific radiation; a technique commonly used for fighting malignant tumors in the brain.

So we’re probably supposed to ’go with it’ and assume that Doflamingo is able to recuperate, but Law dude, he just…he just gave a guy *radiation poisoning* (゚ω゚;) Guess they don’t call him ’Surgeon of Death’ for nothing.

Weekly Shonen Jump #18 Ch.781


Don’t Take His Size For Granite

How about that Pica, eh? With a voice like a leaky balloon, veteran voice actor Yuji Mitsuya took anime-only fans by complete surprise with his rendition of Supreme Officer Pica.

Moments later, Toei’s animation team turned the laughter to horror when Pica used his Devil Fruit powers to create a humanoid shell of moving rock that makes Oars look positively tiny.

Pica’s creation might not even look up too far to Blackbeard’s San Juan Wolf who could eat normal giants like animal crackers.

As for how he matches up to those shadows sighted near Thriller Bark…well…those things, whatever they are, are still probably the biggest (potentially) living beings we’ve seen in the series thus far.

TV Anime #683
One Piece Vol.59 Ch.576
One Piece Vol.50 Ch.490
One Piece Vol.48 Ch.470

"And here… we… GO!"

I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that the story is about to get VERY exciting and VERY complex. Oda-sensei has a motley crew of unlikely allies on his palette so here’s a simple guide to keep track of the colosseum crew charging forth with Luffy!

"White Horse" Cavendish:

Bounty: 280,000,000 Berries
Captain of the Beautiful Pirates and a ’Beautiful Rookie’, Cavendish is a sword fighter wielding the famous blade, Durandal. He rides a white horse named Farul. The horse *may* be the origin for his epithet, however, the Japanese naming (’hakuba’ ((generally meaning ’white horse’)) ) may actually be describing Cavendish’s violent and extremely agile second personality, ’Hakuba’.


Commodore of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet, Orlumbus uses a whip as a weapon and is said to be a faux explorer. Why is that I wonder? Looks like he found the New World just fine! (har har)

"Cannon of Destruction" Ideo:

A triple ’X’-rank boxer and two time champion of the New World Central Fighting Tournament, Ideo’s speciality is a destructive punch, the secret of which seems to be in his suspiciously protruding shoulders.


A warrior of Elbaf, Hajrudin joined the Corrida Colosseum battle in hopes of winning the Flame Flame Fruit and becoming king of the giants.

Chinjao "The Drill":

Bounty: 500,000,000+ Berries
The 12th Don of the Happo Navy, Chinjao hails from Kano Kingdom and entered the Corrida Colosseum battle with his grandsons. With his pointed drill-like skull he can inflict massive force on a single point with devastating results.

Sai & Boo:

Grandsons of Chinjao, Sai and Boo use a martial art known as Hasshoken or ’Fist of Eight Impacts’. Sai is easy to remember because he resembles a monkey not unlike Son Goku from Record of the Journey West, or in Japanese, SAIYUKI.

"The Fighting King" King Elizabello II:

King Elizabello II of Prodence is a friend of King Riku Dold III. After ’psyching up’ for an hour, King Elizabello can throw his mighty ’King Punch’; an attack so powerful, it’s said to be strong enough to put a dent in one of the Four Emperors, if it connects of course.

"Military Tactician" Dagama:

Elizabello’s tactician. He sometimes gets too absorbed in his tactics and will betray comrades just to win, something Elizabello frowns on.

Jeet & Abdullah:

Jeet is a sword-fighter often seen licking one of his blades. Abdullah fights with dual pitchforks and bears scars on his forehead. This former bounty hunter team turned to a life of crime.

Blue Gilly:

Belonging to the longleg people, Blue Gilly is a martial artist who kicks his powerful whip-like legs with speed and efficacy that are difficult to counter.

Suleiman "The Beheader":

A participant in the Dias War, Suleiman’s grim epithet potentially describes how he became an exiled war criminal. He seems to be proficient with a blade but it’s not made clear whether or not the one he’s using now is his own.


"Brutal Bull", as it was called in the colosseum before being tamed by ’Lucy’, is the colosseum’s fighting bull. It’s missing its left horn because of a punch from Hajrudin during Block C.