第160回:Something Fishy About These Oni



Something Fishy About These Oni

Does something seem familiar about the power-ups being granted by Queen’s doping? It should, this form of artificially pushing one’s body to the breaking point is strikingly similar to the ES energy steroids contained within Fishman Island’s tamatebako. While there are more than enough differences between the two, one can’t help but wonder if the mechanism for Queen’s virus operates similarly to the energy steroid effect.

Did Queen reverse engineer his virus based off of ancient studies that lead to the creation of ES?

Even if it’s just a coincidence, from giantification to ancient hidden steroids, there seems to be some kind of ancient obsession with weaponizing humans in the world of ONE PIECE. One would think that with the world in their first, the Celestial Dragons are comfy in their seats of power. Or… Does something like Im fear the so-called ‘dawn’ just as much as others anticipate it?

Weekly Shonen Jump #14 Ch.1006
One Piece Vol.64 Ch.631

Return of the T-Shirts: Part 1

Odacchi’s famous situational t-shirts are back! And this time they’re 35% less destructive of the fourth-wall! Instead of being actual lines from the story, the phrases seem to describe a given situation at hand. Our most recent example here:


Look at the 2 and RI as readings for people and you get ‘futari’, meaning ‘two people’ or ‘those two’. This leads to ‘ano futari yabee!!’ or, ‘Those two are really dangerous!’

Weekly Shonen Jump #14 Ch.1006

Separation of Temple and Violent Regime-based Archipelago

One of the teachers I work with is actually the son of a monk and he happily pointed out to me that this nearly illegible text is in fact a miniscule replica of a *real life* Buddhist chant, ‘Namu Myoho Renge Kyo’ 南無妙法蓮華経which honors the seminal Lotus Sutra. Thank you M-sensei!

Weekly Shonen Jump #15 Ch.1007