第154回:Shipping with the Enemy



Shipping with the Enemy

Otama mentions that she managed to make it to Onigashima on an ‘enemy ship’. A curious and ambiguous declaration if ever there was one! What ship could it have been? One of Kaido’s? That possible but…then why bother leaving it ambiguous? So how about one of Orochi’s ships? Orochi definitely made the journey to Onigashima via ship, and she could have sneaked onboard but what if it was one of Orochi’s….*special* ships?

What ship exactly? The battle ship he managed to negotiate away from the World Government! We haven’t seen this battle ship or what it’s capable of but it’s possible that Orochi is in possession of some massive firepower!

Orochi was double-crossed by Kaido but what if Orochi himself was planning on double-crossing Kaido? Was his battleship secretly deployed to Onigashima and if so, is it large enough for Otama to have hidden both Hihimaru and Komachiyo onboard??

Weekly Shonen Jump #51 Ch.996
One Piece Vol.92 Ch.929

Final Destination

Where, oh where could Kaido be taking his island? Is he going to drop it straight on top of the Flower Capital or is he going to appropriate a location more ’suited’ to Onigashima… a volcano!? If Kaido places Onigashima on top of Fujiyama, it would be the perfect vantage point for ruling over the entirety of Wano. Not to mention, it could set the stage for a wildly dramatic and perhaps …’explosive’…finale?

Weekly Shonen Jump #52 Ch.997