第151回:Lord Helmet



Lord Helmet

Take a good look at the helmet in the background of this panel. While Oda-sensei could easily have created an original helmet to display, this seems to be based on the kacchu of daimyo Kiyomasa Kato. Why such a choice? In the late 16th century, Kiyomasa was a prolific landowner in Japan’s Higo province better known today as Kumamoto prefecture. Aha~! Oda-sensei’s home prefecture is Kumamoto and he’s contributed greatly to the historical and residential restoration process in the wake of the devastating real-life 2016 earthquake. As for Kiyomasa’s residence at during his time in Higo? Yup, you guessed it, he lived in Kumamoto Castle itself!

Weekly Shonen Jump #41 Ch. 990

Fukurokuju Keeping Ahead

Hmmm…Very interesting. Fukurokuju has orally pledged support to Kaido but don’t count out his devotion to whoever’s holding their cards close to their chest. Let’s just say I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Kurozumi Family.

Weekly Shonen Jump #41 Ch. 990

A Classic Combo

Nami and Usopp in a tag-team battle!?

It could happen! But first, let’s keep those expectations in check. Heck, they might even be split up by the time you read this. Even so, the possibility of Nami’s weather elements combined with Usopp’s Pop Green flora has me vibrating with anticipation.

Actually, we’ve never had a proper explanation for Nami’s weather techniques or even a clue on the limitations of Usopp’s Pop Greens. This would be an ideal time and place to find out more about how her sorcery works with Usopp making commentary. Fingers are tightly crossed!

Weekly Shonen Jump #43 Ch.991
One Piece Vol.70 Ch.695

Queen’s Bullets

Drake makes commentary on the bullets Queen uses and they seem to be inducing severe pain, so are these bullets infused with Mummy disease? It’s easy to believe Kaido’s top crew members would have access to such advanced weaponry given Kaido’s empire of arms production. I wonder if they have access to seastone bullets as well??

Weekly Shonen Jump #43 Ch.991