Thus far the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance has been sneaking around Onigashima and managed to avoid serious attention from the big players, but it seem like now we’re finally on the cusp of the eruption of full-out battle.

While I’ve been curious as to how the ensuing battles might occur, I’ve always considered the battle spreading from Onigashima to the Flower Capital an inevitable and logical progression. After all, the common folk of Wano will need to witness the defeat of Kaido. But this logical progression was only missing one thing….the logic.

Sure, Kaido can easily travel anywhere he wants in Wano, but if locked in battle with our heroes, what purpose would it serve for him to travel to the Flower Capital? Well, now we finally have a reason; control of the Flower Capital itself is the short-term goal of our villain and he’s ready to take it tonight, by force.

The exodus from Onigashima to the Flower Capital also gives us an excellent opportunity to deposit our heroes and villains into dramatic and iconic regions of Wano for duels spread out not just around Onigashima, but across the entire archipelago!

With flight capable villains and heroes alike, almost any location between or around Onigashima and the Capital seems ripe for action!

Personally? I’d love to see a burning hot duel atop Mount Fujiyama!

And although the terrestrial locales will make for stunning battle backdrops, lest we forget that aerial combat is going to play a major role in the climax of this titanic war! Let’s hope Momonosuke can overcome his fear of heights!

Weekly Shonen Jump #33+34 Ch.985