第144回:Yokai Watching?



Little (Green) Bits

While the Tontatta could technically be adventuring anywhere, the background here clearly puts them at Green Bit which means they’re right next to Dressrosa! There’s a very good chance of Pound coming in contact with his daughters for a real family reunion! I wonder if Bege will exclaim, “Oh, my family!”

Weekly Shonen Jump #23 Ch.979

Yokai Watching?

Have you seen these eye designs popping up here and there recently? I wonder if there’s any special significance to them! The design on Who’s-Who is slightly different than Bao Huang’s and the others so I don’t know if there’s a direct connection there, but the rest of these characters seem to have very closely related version of the symbol.

What do you think it stands for? Given Boa Huang’s position, is it possibly for Beast Pirate members who handle clerical work? While we’re on it, these three panels seem like they’re depicting three different organizations within the crew giving readers three different perspectives. The Pleasures are pretty straightforward. There seems to be a Kamen Rider-inspired bee-theme super squad on the right and the middle with our eye-bedecked friend suggests….possibly a youkai-based group? We’ve seen youkai-themed members of the crew before, does this eye mark denote a loose relationship among them? If so, would that place Who’s-Who at the head of the group?

Punk Gibson

That’s a nasty attack and I like to think the origin of the name comes from Gibson guitars. There are some other potential origins but the music angle feels pretty strong given Kidd’s *other* attack Punk Rotten. Rotten seems to come from the stage name of seminal punk rock band the Sex Pistols’ vocalist, Johnny Rotten, typing together the ‘punk rock’ theme. Some more evidence for the musical connection can be garnered from Kidd’s physical resemblance to Japanese rocker Demon Kakka.

Weekly Shonen Jump #17 Ch.975
Weekly Shonen Jump #23 Ch.979
Weekly Shonen Jump #24 Ch.980