第142回:The Message



The Message

While the world is fighting a microscopic enemy, Luffy and team are facing a decidedly macroscopic villain, Kaido. Luffy’s declaration of an unprecedented celebration to follow their victory seems to have a double-meaning.

It’s almost as if Luffy is cheering us on. I can’t help but wonder, is this a message from Luffy and Oda-sensei?

Red & Blue?

I’ve been wondering about the color of these two giant guardians; one behind Robin and the one Sanji’s sitting on. Are they red and blue like the famous red and blue ogres of Japanese mythology?

Tankuki or Kabutomushi?

Once you see it you won’t unsee it, but Chopper looks exactly like a stag beetle!
when it comes to facing seemingly insurmountable odds

Drunk Dragon

Kaido already appears to be well into his cups and the coming battle can go any number of ways depending on Kaido’s state of inebriation.

We already know that he has different emotional drunken states and when Luffy and Kaido first clashed at Bakura Town, Luffy was able to get some hits in while Kaido was a happy drunk. If Kaido has a heated discussion with his son, that could make him an angry drunk… Or perhaps his son is one of his weaknesses and meeting him will put him in a happy mood.

Of course, we’ve also seen the swiftness and power Kaido commanded while sober which begs the question, which is scarier, angry drunk Kaido or sober angry Kaido? I see angry drunk Kaido being more destructive and sober angry Kaido being more swift and focused in battle, neither are pleasant options but that’s what Luffy is going to have to deal with!

Weekly Shonen Jump # Ch.977
ONE PIECE Vol. 92 Ch.922
ONE PIECE Vol. 92 Ch.923