第141回:The Gang’s *ALL* Here!



The Gang’s Here

WOW! The Strawhats are back together and looking FANTASTIC!!! Let’s check ‘em out:

Luffy: Rocking a cloak and looking very Captainesque, Luffy has taken off his samurai gear in favor of what seems to be his standard clothing. If the battle shift from sea to land, perhaps we’ll see the return of his armor?

Chopper: Maintains his samurai armor! I wonder how it will look when he transforms!

Sanji: Looking very much on par with his standard look albeit…gloves!? I wonder if they’re in order to match his look as Soba Mask!?

Franky: Incredible! Looking like a REAL ‘Franky Shogun’! Look at the trademark stars on his kabuto!

Robin: Tough to get a full look at her outfit but it seems like a robe over a kimono.

Usopp: Looking very much the part of a ninja! Notice anything familiar? That’s the same style of headgear that Yosaku wore!

Zoro: Like Luffy, Zoro’s look is very close (if not identical) to his standard look. But THAT NEW SWORD THO!

Brook: Brook also looks very close to his default attire albeit (like Sanji) the addition of gloves! Very gentlemanly! But is there a reason for them?

Nami: Nami wins the Strawhat Fashion Show. She’s ready to take some serious damage with that armor but can loose it at a moment’s notice for lithe kunoichi speed! Zeus’ kabuto is also cute as hell!

Weekly Shonen Jump #17 Ch.975
One Piece Vol.8 Ch.69

The Gang’s *ALL* Here!

Luffy or not remains to be seen (and hotly debated no doubt) but for the meantime, we have our promised 10 members! Welcome Jinbei!

Can’t wait to see you at the helm of Sunny! I also like how this contrasts with Jinbei’s original reveal in the manga. The way he can laugh like that is no doubt thanks to his fateful meeting with Luffy and the Strawhats!

Weekly Shonen Jump #19 Ch.976
One Piece Vol.54 Ch.528