第124回:Whose Line is This Anyway?



Succeeding Through Failure

The fact that the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance’s symbols have been found out is NOT the end of the world. Actually, with Shogun Orochi going to such extremes to stamp it out, news of the pamphlet’s true meaning will only spread.

Why is this going to be Orochi’s biggest mistake? A while ago we talked about how the pamphlet resembles Luffy’s face in a Gear state, right? Then a few articles back I discussed how the elite of the Flower Capital saw Orochi as a joke. If the people of Wano *know* that the pamphlet represents hope for the Kozuki family then see Luffy as he appears on the pamphlet while battling Kaido/Orochi, the general public’s opinion will see a *massive* sway in support for the Kozuki’s place as the rightful retainers of the Shogunate!

Weekly Shonen Jump #18 Ch.938

Whose Line is This Anyway?

Did this line from Hyou ring any bells? It sounds strikingly similar to what Zoro’s instructor, Koshiro, told him during his younger training days.

We also see the term 豪剣 or ‘gouken’ pop up which is a descriptive term for powerful swordsman like Ryuma that we’ve heard in the past.

Combine this with Momonosuke’s colloquial use of ‘sunacchi’ when attacking which Zoro also uses and a link between Koshiro and Wano, particularly the Kozuki family, seems to be in the cards.

Weekly Shonen Jump #13 Ch.934
Weekly Shonen Jump #20 Ch.939
One Piece Vol.21 Ch.194
One Piece Vol.48 Ch.467


Like Sardines

Not sure if most fans noticed this, but there is an absolutely MASSIVE cast this episode with 32 named cast members! As episodes are recorded in a single studio with all cast members present, this episode must have been a huge undertaking! Even so, this isn’t the largest cast ever present in a single One Piece episode. I’ve heard rumors that an even greater number of cast members were assembled for certain Marineford episodes!

TV Anime #872

The Ever-Evolving Intro

We’ve focused on a few background and story-related details lately so I’ve been remiss in bringing up some changes that have occurred in the anime opening “Super Powers” over the past few months. Are there more in store before the opening changes?


Katakuri’s face is revealed from Episode 857


Here we see Carrot’s Sulong form in full view from Episode 863


Big Mom’s ravenous form is revealed from Episode 864


Luffy’s Snakeman form is revealed from Episode 871

TV Anime #873