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Gear Fourth ____Man?

Check out Kinnemon’s pamphlet. It may be representing the day, time, place and people but that…that’s Luffy! In fact it looks almost like a Gear Fourth Luffy! But none of Luffy’s Gear Fourth forms have shown fiery eye patterns. Hmmm…I wonder if this might give Luffy another idea for a new Gear!


It might very well be a running gag that Oda-sensei is refraining from drawing ‘cool’ ninjas and although I can’t help but wonder if he’ll draw a few cool ones, -if he doesn’t- I think I might know why. It could be because his friend and rival Kishimoto-sensei drew so many cool ninja in Naruto, that Oda-sensei wants to refrain from relying too much on resorting to cool ninjas himself.

Weekly Shonen Jump #47 Ch.921

You wouldn’t like me when I’m Luffy!

Was anyone else shocked by Luffy in this panel?

I didn’t know how to interpret that face! Was he awestruck? Was he…impressed? No, wait, he couldn’t be…is he…scared??? Just a few panels later I had my answer:


Luffy was deeply interested in the life of Oden and seems to feel a kindred spirit with him. So Luffy seeing even the remains of Oden Castle destroyed is like Kaido stepping on the memory of Oden which Luffy cannot forgive.

Weekly Shonen Jump #48 Ch.922

Another Momotarou

There have been plenty of Japanese film and legend cameos in this arc but sadly, even as a 90’s Japanese film buff, many of them go way over my head. This one though, I think I got! This fellow here! I think this might be Oda-sensei’s interpretation of Hideki Takahashi portraying one of his most recognizable roles from his late 70’s television drama, ‘Samurai Momotarou’! In the series, Takahashi-san portrayed the titular ronin who aided the helpless in Edo Japan. This character running away from Kaido is a dead ringer for him!

Weekly Shonen Jump #49 Ch.923


Is this Oda-sensei happily trolling us or is this an epic callback to Vegapunk’s shadow from Chapter 684? If that’s him, considering the fish and poison connection, could Vegapunk possibly be a fishman or….something else!?

Weekly Shonen Jump #50 Ch.924
One Piece Vol.69 Ch.684