第116回:Saddest story, pound for Pound



Saddest story, pound for Pound

Seeing Oven react so coldly to his ‘former’ step-dad drives home how broken Mom’s family really is. They love and respect her but she’s a danger to them all and the fathers have all been cut out of the picture. Of anyone in this arc so far, I think I feel most sad for Pound. I mean, dude was literally buried in the ground in a creepy forest and kept against his will from seeing his daughters! I hope that someday, even if not by the end of this arc, there’s a happy ending to his story.

TV Anime #857


WOAH! There’s Charlotte Moscato! What’s he doing here!? I thought he was…dead!? That’s right, apparently what Big Mom taketh, she may giveth away! Does this mean there’s some hope for Charlotte Opera as well?

TV Anime #858

A Growing Family vol.9

Charlotte Effilée and Charlotte Mondée make their named and speaking anime debut while trying to stop Luffy during his mad dash to escape Nuts Island. And that goes about as good for them as, well, most people trying to stop Luffy from doing next to *anything*.

TV Anime #859

Fire Tank

Back when we first learned the name ‘Fire Tank Pirate Crew’ I just assumed Oda-sensei was misunderstanding the word for ‘fire hydrant’ but as we learned in this episode, not only is Bege himself capable of being a tank-like golem, but his ship is also amphibious! It’s literally a giant ‘tank’ capable of massive ‘fire’power!

TV Anime #860