第113回:In a Bromantic Relationship



In a Bromantic Relationship

Considering their visual similarities, it was nice to get this bromantic scene between Sanji and Pedro where Pedro gives Sanji a light with his electro abilities.

Interesting that Mom, Whitebeard and Roger all wear bandanas. Although he’s carefully avoided using the eye-patch stereotype, he’s happy to use bandanas for particularly piratey pirates!

Okay, so not only is Nusstorte’s hat ‘alive’ it also spits needles!? What’s up with that?? Maybe these abilities will be expanded on in the new One Piece fanbook, Vivre Card!

TV Anime #845
One Piece Vol.0 Ch.0
One Piece Vol.57

A Growing Family vol.7

A name for another familiar face this week! This miniscule firecracker (with a shocking deep voice) is Conpo! Varying slightly from the original comic, Conpo finds himself beaten not by Nami, but instead by Luffy himself! He suffers a Gum Gum Eagle Bazooka! Yikes! I think I’d rather take Nami’s lightning blast as in the comic!

TV Anime #846

Sanji Vision

Maybe I just realized this but it appears that whenever Bege or Chiffon aren’t around to take care of Pez, Vito assumes the role of nanny. How is that unexpected and yet totally expected?

Pudding’s Sanji-Vision ftw. Why do I feel that Sanji’s had the exact same gag for females before in the anime? They really do make quite a pair.

TV Anime #847

The Candyman Can’t

Differing wildly from the comic, Perospero’s Candy Maiden is taken out handily by a triple tech. from Luffy, Jinbei and Pedro. Faster than you can say, “That’s not supposed to happen!”, Perospero rebuilds his wall *and* powers it up! In its ultimate form,
‘Candy Maiden Decoration’ changes from a largely defensive technique to a defensive & offensive attack by spewing cow-sized candy spikes from the ‘Maiden’s’ gaping maw. It’s *this* form of the attack that Luffy solos with his Red Hawk technique!

TV Anime #848