第112回:The Nine Samurai



The Nine Samurai

As if pondering over the number of Luffy’s crewmates for 20 years wasn’t enough, Oda-sensei adds a new fold to mysterious membership in the Wano arc with the mentioning of the ‘Nine Samurai’. Nine katana-wielding warriors will make a stand a stand in Wano but who will those nine warriors be? Just the Strawhats? Only part of the Strawhat crew?

I don’t think the Strawhats all need to be samurai, some of them can be ninja, kunoichi, or martial artists but I’m curious as to who those final nine will be. The week to week anticipation from here on reminds very much how I felt during Skypiea wondering who would be left standing before Enel! Loving this arc so much!

Weekly Shonen Jump #44 Ch.919

Oh the Calamaty!

Here’s our first look at what appear to be Kaido’s ‘Calamities’. If we’re keeping with the card theme could there be a King among them?

Hmmm…interesting to note this mysterious samurai with the group here who is not accounted for along with Momonosuke’s younger sister, Hiyori. I wonder where they could be? Will they be appearing in Wano or…have they already?

Weekly Shonen Jump #45 Ch.920


A Growing Family vol.6

FINALLY! A name for our pumpkin-head-like member of the Big Mom Pirates, Katou! Whether Katou is a member of the Charlotte Family or not is still up in the air but his name certainly fits the bill! ‘Katou’, while also a common Japanese family name, could also mean ‘fructose’. If he’s a son of Mom then…is that a Devil Fruit power or…or there plant people in the One Piece world too???

TV Anime #843

Germa Thrones

Great aerial reference shot of the Germa Kingdom all together here! Very easy to understand the layout of the entire kingdom!

Dosmarche’s line here about an empty throne. Um….woah. Did manga fans flip their stuff at this line as much as I did? Considering production schedules this had to have been conceived months ago and yet it’s so close that THAT line from THAT scene! Guess we should expect no less from the animation team who know this series so well!

TV Anime #844