第111回:House of (the Rising) Cards



House of (the Rising) Cards

Have you noticed? The names of Kaidou’s lower-tier enforcers seem to be tied to real-life card games. Whether these are their actual names or code names (Pica, Trebol, etc.) remains to be seen but the pattern is definitely clear.

Scotch (Scotch Whist)

Ginrummy (Gin Rummy)


Holdem (Texas/Omaha Hold’em)


Weekly Shonen Jump #39 Ch.915
Weekly Shonen Jump #42 Ch.917
One Piece Vol.61 Ch.595
One Piece Vol.79 Ch.795

The Legendary Hero(es)

We all know that Luffy doesn’t consider himself a hero but sometimes how you define yourself and how others define you might be at odds.

If things proceed as I think they might, there’s an opportunity for Luffy to team up with Momonosuke and for both of them to be considered a hero of legend to the people of Wano…Momotaro!

Outside of his Sumo name, Luffy has dubbed himself Luffytaro where the ‘taro’ suffix by itself is akin to the English ‘John’ in terms of being used as a common name. It’s perhaps no coincidence that many mythical Japanese heroes have ‘Taro’ in at least part of their name.

But what about the Momo part?

Back on Zou, Momonosuke vowed to defeat Kaido and if he does this cooperatively with Luffy, that would make the two of them, yup, ‘Momotarou’!

Weekly Shonen Jump #43 Ch.918
One Piece Vol.82 Ch.819


Attack of the Fanboy

Could it be!? Can we gauge which member of Germa 66 is Vito’s favorite!?

Is Ichiji his favorite member!?

Speaking of Germa 66, I love the animated version of Black Bug! It completely felt like a super sentai team-up attack!!! I think I’ll try that next time I’m shoveling snow.

TV Anime #841

Colorful Droogs

Here’s a good look at the Charlotte Decuplet brothers all together with their color-themed hats being the easiest way to distinguish them from one another. I wonder if this means the decuplet sisters will have color schemes as well? Luckily they seem to have more individual styles.

As of the writing of this article, we only know the name of one of the brothers, ‘Nugo’ (official English name unconfirmed as of this publication) which was revealed by Oda in the SBS. A friend of mine suggested an interesting naming pattern. What if the boys are Nuichi, Nuni, Nusan, Nushi and Nugo? This would be similar to Oda’s handling of the medaka quintuplets from Fishman Island!

TV Anime #842
One Piece Vol.62 COVER
One Piece Vol.89 SBS