第106回:The Dormant Legend



The Twenty Families

The twenty families which founded the World Government each placed a weapon before the throne as a sign of unison challenging anyone so bold as to assume of position of singular world leadership. Just to review, we know two of these families: the Donquixote family and the Nefeltari family.

The Donquixote family abandoned their home in Dressrosa and bestowed the royal line to the Riku family.

The Nefeltari family, interestingly enough, rejected the idea of living in Mariejoa as Celestial Dragons and returned to Alabasta. So why aren’t they considered on equal ground with the Celestial Dragons? Rejecting a life on Mariejoa meant renouncing a family’s right to Celestial Dragon treatment and protection as we saw in the case of Mingo’s father, Homing, when he tried to make a ‘normal’ life for his family.

So why is Myosgard a Donquixote as well? Did Donquixote Homing have siblings? Although Myosgard seems to be ‘woke’ this suggests that, should he so choose, he could choose to reclaim the Dressrosa throne. Should Riku’s health fail if Viola ceded the throne, would it fall to Myosgard?

GOLDen Oldies

Look at these two chowing down with Garp!

Was the recent broadcast of One Piece Film GOLD on Japanese television the impetus fore Oda-sensei to draw Tokikake and Gion in the main story!?

The Dormant Legend

Is Rox the ‘dormant legend’ that Oda mentioned in his JUMP Festa letter last December? The possibilities this holds for the story are endless! I wonder if ‘Rox’ is the reason Kaidou owes Big Mom a favor? We’ll find out in due time…

Weekly Shonen Jump #28 Ch.907

Digging Up the Past

Just a thought, is Morley the one responsible for digging out Level 5.5 in Impel Down?

Roswald’s Medals

Looks like Roswald is doing well for himself.

His number of medals seem to have increased since we last saw him at Sabaody. I wonder how those increase for Celestial Dragons…

Family Resemblance?

Don’t think too deep on this, but this guy looks very similar to Squado. Any family relation?

Anarchy in the OP

We first saw this king back in Chapter 823 and here we can clearly see that his hat seems to establish him as the king of One Piece’s version of England. The beard makes sense now, a reference to Elizabeth Tower. So does this make him the King of Rommel? Also…the beard clock seems to…work!?

Not All Kings Are Equal

I was wondering why the King of Standing wasn’t at Reverie and here’s the reason, only 50 representatives from around the world are sent. I guess that’s why relative newcomers like Dalton and Stelly get preference regarding attendance, as new kings, they’re expected to swear fealty to the Empty Throne.

Weekly Shonen Jump #24 Ch.904
Weekly Shonen Jump #29 Ch.908
One Piece Vol.51 Ch.497
One Piece Vol.55 Ch.538
One Piece Vol.57 Ch.553
One Piece Vol.82 Ch.823


Hangin’ With Mr. Bege

Do yourself a favor and check out Luffy’s original scenes messing around in Bege’s castle body!

This is exactly how he’d react to such a situation and it’s a miracle that Bege was able to keep him in line. It brings back memories of Luffy messing around in Nola’s body on Skypiea, doesn’t it?

TV Anime #831
One Piece Vol.30 Ch.277

A Growing Family

One Piece animation series Director Fukasawa-san recently mentioned in an interview with that we might learn the names of more and more members of the Charlotte Family through the animation and although they haven’t been fully confirmed yet, the character names revealed in this episode, Tablet and Saint Marc, seem likely candidates for Mom’s offspring as both of their names include references to confectionaries!

A ‘tablet’ is a Scottish confectionary and Saint Marc is…well that’s a little difficult to describe here but some creative Googling with ‘café’ should reveal the answer.

Also note that Tablet’s voice actor is Kazuki Yao under his pseudonym ‘Sokotsuya Futakotama-ten’ ^_^

TV Anime #832