第100回:Greg-sensei’s SUPER One Piece Course #100


Greg-sensei’s SUPER One Piece Course #100

WHAT!? I’ve written 100 Columns!? ALREADY!?

It’s hard to believe we started this journey back at the beginning of Dressrosa! Here’s hoping that Luffy’s adventures will continue for many years! Thanks to all of the readers out there and my eternal gratitude to Oda-sensei for sharing Luffy’s adventures with us week in and week out!

For the 100th edition we’re celebrating with something BIG! Usually One Piece is translated into English for fans around the world to enjoy and discuss, but this time we’re taking an entirely new approach!

We gathered English-speaking One Piece fans for a roundtable discussion covering our favorite scenes from the series and presenting it subtitled in Japanese! For the first time ever via an official outlet, One Piece’s Japanese fans can learn how One Piece is viewed outside of its home turf!

The only thing more impressive than this lineup of guests is the amount of facial hair on display! Sadly, tight recording schedule meant our guest choices were limited but if you enjoy the video, please let us know via comments! When the opportunity arises again we’d love to have an even more diversified group of guests from around the world!

And that’s not all! After you’ve finished the video, we’re celebrating Sanji’s wedding day from Hell with a list of the entire Charlotte Family! *Anime-only fans beware! Charlotte family members up to the most recent chapter are included!*

So for now sit back, relax and enjoy the very first Official English One Piece fan discussion!

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Full ver.

All in the Family: Pt. 3

It’s been one year since we took stock of Big Mom’s family and with Whole Cake Island having wrapped in the manga let’s take a look at her known family!


Charlotte Linlin ‘Big Mom’

(Soul-Soul Fruit)



(Father of Lola and Chiffon)

Number of Yet Unknown or Unnamed Husbands: 42


Charlotte Compote: 1st Daughter

★Minister of Fruits

Charlotte Amande: 3rd Daughter

★Minister of Nuts

Charlotte Brulee: 8th Daughter

(Mirror-Mirror Fruit)

Charlotte Smoothie: 14th Daughter

★★Sweet Commander
★Minister of Juice
(Likely Devil Fruit User)
Bounty: 932,000,000 B
Full-siblings: Citron & Cinnamon

Charlotte Citron: 15th Daughter

Full-siblings: Smoothie & Cinnamon

Charlotte Cinnamon: 16th Daughter

Full-siblings: Smoothie & Citron

Charlotte Galette ‘Minister of Butter’: 18th Daughter

★Minister of Butter
(Likely Devil Fruit User)
Twin-sister: Poire

Charlotte Poire: 19th Daughter

Twin-sister: Galette

Charlotte Praline: 21st Daughter

Married to Aladine

Charlotte Chiffon: 22nd Daughter

★Minister of Fluff
Daughter of Linlin and Pound.
Married to Capone Bege.
Mother of Capone Pez.
Twin-sister: Lola

Charlotte Lola: 23rd Daughter

Daughter of Linlin & Pound
Twin-sister: Chiffon

Charlotte Joconde: 27th Daughter

Charlotte Joscarpone: 29th Daughter

Twin-brother: Mascarpone

Charlotte Decuplets: 30th-34th Daughters

Full-siblings: 5 male decuplets

Charlotte Pudding: 35th Daughter

(Memo-Memo Fruit)

Chalotte Flampe: 36th Daughter

Charlotte Myukuru: ? Daughter

Charlotte Anana: ? Daughter

Possible Named Daughters




Charlotte Perospero: 1st Son

★Minister of Candy
(Lick-Lick Fruit)
Bounty: 700,000,000 B

Charlotte Katakuri: 2nd Son

★★Sweet Commander
(Mochi-Mochi Fruit)
Bounty: 1,057,000,000 B
Full-siblings: Daifuku & Oven

Charlotte Daifuku: 3rd Son

★Minister of Beans
(Puff-Puff Fruit)
Full-siblings: Katakuri & Oven

Charlotte Oven: 4th Son

★Minister of Baking
(Heat-Heat Fruit)
Full-siblings: Katakuri & Daifuku

Charlotte Opera: 5th Son

★Minister of Whipped Cream
(Likely Devil Fruit User)
Full-siblings: Counter, Cadenza, Cabaletta, & Gala

Charlotte Counter: 6th Son

Full-siblings: Opera, Cadenza, Cabaletta, & Gala

Charlotte Cadenza: 7th Son

Full-siblings: Opera, Counter, Cabaletta, & Gala

Charlotte Cabaletta: 8th Son

Full-siblings: Opera, Counter, Cadenza, & Gala

Charlotte Gala: 9th Son

Full-siblings: Opera, Counter, Cadenza, Cabaletta

Charlotte Cracker ‘Thousand-Arm Cracker’: 10th Son

★★Sweet Commander
★Minister of Biscuits
(Bis-Bis Fruit)
Bounty: 860,000,000 B

Charlotte Nusstorte: 12th Son


Charlotte Moscato: 16th Son

★Minister of Gelato

Charlotte Montd’Or: 19th Son

★Minister of Cheese
(Likely Devil Fruit User)

Charlotte Snack: 25th Son

★★(Former) Sweet Commander
600,000,000 B

Charlotte Bavarois: 26th Son

Charlotte Brownie: 32nd Son

Charlotte Raisin: 33rd Son

Charlotte Mascarpone: 34th Son

Twin-sister: Joscarpone

Charlotte Yuen: 35th Son

Charlotte Decuplets: 36th-40th Sons

Full-siblings: 5 female decuplets

Charlotte Bassquarte: ? Son

Charlotte Dosmarche: ? Son

Charlotte Anglais: ? Son

Nougo: ? Son

Charlotte Dolce: ? Son

Charlotte Dragee: ? Son

Possible Named Sons









Possible Unnamed Male


Possible Offspring of Unknown Sex


Known In-Laws

Capone Bege ‘Gang’

(Castle Castle Fruit)
Bounty: 300,000,000 B
Married to Chiffon
Father to Capone Pez


Married to Praline

Known Grand-Children

Capone Pez ‘Gang’

Son of Capone Bege and Charlotte Chiffon.

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