第94回:Manga is a Wonderland



Manga is a Wonderland

It’s a veritable wonderland full of topics to discuss this time!

Return of the ‘Prince’!?

Look out ladies, Sanji is wearing a pair of glasses as a disguise.

This time we know that Sanji technically *is* a prince too so does this mean we might see the return of his famous codename from Alabasta!?

Wedding Cake Topper

Take a gander at what I can only assume is a decoration to top the cake. What do you think it’s going to be?

While it certainly looks like a standard ‘bride and groom in a gazebo’-type decoration, I wonder if it will be something Sanji cooked up to taunt Big Mom. Either way, the fact that Oda-sensei is keeping it under wraps suggests that it’s definitely something special.

Moon Over Tottoland

Ooh baby! It’s on now! Carrot asks if there will be a full moon tonight which alludes to the notion that *something* happens to minks on the nights where they can clearly view the full moon.

According to Dogstorm’s curious phrasing from Chapter 819, it suggests that minks may show their *true strength* during a full moon, however, Wanda’s words from Chapter 811 are curious. She’s *relieved* that the full moon is obscured by cloud cover.

Why would she be relieved other than that the mink might otherwise pose some sort of threat to the Strawhats?

Also, check out this moon from Chapter 830, just a few days prior to the current events. If Carrot is right, and the moon isn’t waning, what does this suggest about the cycles of the moon in the world of One Piece?

Ireland in Tottoland

Looks like there’s a Potato Island in Tottoland! The French fries and chips are obvious but check out the other potential potato-inspired geography!

1. These giant rocks by the shoreline? They might be giant potatos!

2. That is the biggest baked potato I’ve ever seen!

3. I can’t be too sure, but these look very much like Japanese sweet potato pies!

Weekly Shonen Jump #52 Ch.886
One Piece Vol.81 Ch.811
One Piece Vol.82 Ch.819
One Piece Vol.83 Ch.830

A Song of Fire and Icing

Oven’s ability to heat up the ocean is a devastating attack that reminds me very much of what Kuzan was able to do with his ice abilities.

And very much like Kuzan, in order to deal with the strain of touching the ocean, we see him bending down. That’s a nice touch and also might have contributed to Pound’s rationalization for success in his attack.

Related to Oven’s ability, here’s an interesting detail that subtley expresses the lighting during his attack. Notice how the clouds appear to be casting shadows *above* instead of below? It’s due to roiling sea which is so hot it’s actually emitting light! Furthermore, notice how the clouds which are farther away from the sea are deliberately left unshaded because of natural light dispersion. Amazing attention to detail!

Weekly Shonen Jump #1 Ch.887
One Piece Vol.34 Ch.319


It’s Ichiji Time!

It’s a small detail but I really enjoyed how the anime staff kept Oda-sensei’s choices for Ichiji’s character in mind in this scene:

Ichiji seems to be the coldest among his siblings and while he *does* share Sanji’s over-the-top attraction to women through Tex Avery eyes, Oda-sensei was careful to keep *his face* concealed so as not to ruin his devil-may-care image This same depiction of him can be seen elsewhere in Chapter 843 and also on the cover of Volume 84.

While Niji and Yonji are showing teeth through their smiles, the considerably more reserved Ichiji and Reiju only smirk through sealed lips.

Also, since Yonji was barely able to maintain his composure for Nami but couldn’t control his expression for Pudding, does that mean she’s his type?

TV Anime #809
One Piece Vol.84 Ch.843

OP20 Mk-II

As of Episode 810 you have successfully upgraded to your One Piece Opening 20 to the latest version, OP20 Mk-II!

Our updated intro includes (but is not limited to) changes such as:

The distance of the Strawhat flag.

Sanji’s distance of Sanji in the background.

Sanji’s cape serving dual purpose as a projector screen.

Speed lines for Jinbei’s attack.

And a slight makeover for Sanji’s teeth and eye.

We hope you enjoy your new Opening 20! Please look forward to future upgrades!

TV Anime #810