第91回:Cracker & Galdino



Steel Mikans

Wow, whatta difference a few years makes.

Nami’s devotion to Luffy in this panel is legendary, LEGENDARY I TELL YOU! Two years ago she was fighting back tears when Usopp committed mutiny but here she is abandoning her reservations about abandoning Luffy and straight up smacking the rest of the crew with a heavy dose of reality.

Love that devotion and determination!

Weekly Shonen Jump # Ch.801
One Piece Vol.35 Ch.331 & 332


Shave and a Haircut

Those of you who were wondering exactly how King Baum got a haircut, here’s your answer! Fantastic animation on display for this original scene where Biscuit gives King Baum a trimming that’s too close for comfort.

Also, these unfortunate homies remind us that being scared by *anyone*, not just Big Mom, can cause the soul to lose or *temporarily* lose control of the vessel.

TV Anime #802

Cracker & Galdino

THIS! This folks, is what I’ve been yearning for and what we need! The past few weeks have displayed some respectable anime-original scenes but the exchange between Nami and Cracker is what I’ve been waiting for! Typically, anime-original scenes tend to have ambiguous or cookie-cutter dialogue so as not to interfere with the source material, but Nami and Cracker’s exchange about Sanji helped us see Sanji a little more clearly through Nami’s eyes and that’s the kind of original dialogue we’ve all been waiting for! Excellent job!

Oh, Galdino! Right, I almost forgot! I can’t for the life of me figure out what the deal with Cracker’s sparking hair is. That said, I bet it has something to do with how he manipulates his crackers, similar to Galdino and his manipulation of wax.

Oda-sensei seems to be keen on Paramecia abilities linked to hair, yeah? I hope he expands on Cracker’s hair in an SBS segment or a data book!

TV Anime #803
One Piece Vol.14 Ch.123 & 126