第89回:Luffy’s in His Mirror – All’s Right with the World



Luffy’s in His Mirror – All’s Right with the World

yes. Yes! YES!!!! This is precisely the kind of growth that we need to see Luffy accomplish.

Consider the *major roadblock* ‘boss’ villains in the New World. Hody was just a warm-up. Caesar was, physically-speaking, a pushover and used trickery and science to distract. Doflamingo was, as far as Luffy is concerned, one of the most villainous Seven Warlords whom fans have been anticipating a clash with. Now we have an Emperor’s commanding officer as the main *physical* foil. Leading into the next arc… This. Choice. Is. Brilliant!!!

The defeat of Big Mom will be a group effort and it isn’t rooted purely in strength. Don’t take that to mean action won’t be involved. Plenty of that coming our way! The point is, Luffy’s true rival in terms of battle in this arc will be Katakuri, one notch below an Emperor, which leads us gracefully into Wano where Luffy is destined for a clash with Kaido himself!

Thus Luffy’s New World evolution in battle prowess is thus:

Warm-up -> Trickery/Science -> Hyped Warlord -> Emperor Commander -> Emperor


It’s a logical and believable record of growth that we can easily digest and believe. Every battle should be more difficult than the last with stakes growing ever-higher and that is precisely what we have here!

I’m so excited for this battle and Luffy’s self-sacrifice makes it even better. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!

Weekly Shonen Jump #42 Ch.878


Moulin Urouge

An extended sequence shows us more of Urouge’s ill-fated clash with Cracker in Tottoland; very possibly the same encounter that left him heavily bandaged when we last saw him on Balloon Terminal.

Although Urouge has been confirmed as a Devil Fruit user -once in One Piece Deep Blue and again in One Piece Magazine Volume 1- the general idea of his fruit is said to be one that converts damage into strength. This scene of the ‘Mad Monk’ being brutalized certainly suggests that after taking heavy damage, Urouge can power up, however, the precise function and name of his fruit are still a mystery! Think we might see Urouge swooping into this arc later on for a chance at revenge on Mom?

TV Anime #798

Monsieur Butterfly

In a roughly 40-second scene, a nocturnal butterfly lands on Sanji’s finger only for him to startle the insect away.

In this simple and dialogue free scene helps us sympathize with Sanji’s yearning for freedom only to be shocked back into reality when seeing the literal restraints of his heritage in the form of the explosive bracelets.

While above the heads of younger viewers, as a scene for the long-time fans it’s a subtle and effective scene to help us connect with the crushing reality of Sanji’s position in the scheming of Big Mom and Judge.

TV Anime #799