第81回:Sola Power



All in the Family: Pt. 2

It’s been some time since we’ve taken a look at Big Mom’s family and with her offspring coming out of the woodwork now’s a great time to update a list of her family tree! We’re going to leave Mother Carmel out of the picture right now just until we find out precisely what kind of relationship she and Linlin had.


Charlotte Linlin ‘Big Mom’
(Soul Soul Fruit)


(Father of Lola and Chiffon)

Number of Yet Unknown or Unnamed Husbands: 42


Charlotte Compote: 1st Daughter
★Minister of Fruit

Charlotte Brulee: 8th Daughter
(Mirror Mirror Fruit)

Charlotte Smoothie: 14th Daughter
★★Sweet Commander
★Minister of Juice
(Likely Devil Fruit User)
Bounty: 932,000,000 B

Charlotte Galette ‘Minister of Butter’: 18th Daughter
★Minister of Butter

Charlotte Chiffon: 22nd Daughter
Daughter of Linlin and Pound.
Married to Capone Bege.
Mother of Capone Pez.
Twin-Sister to Lola

Charlotte Lola: 23rd Daughter
Daughter of Linlin & Pound
Twin-Sister of Chiffon

Charlotte Praline: 29th Daughter
Confirmed half-hammerhead mermaid.
Married to Aladine

Charlotte Pudding: 35th Daughter
Engaged to Sanji

Charlotte Anana: ? Daughter

Number of Yet Unknown Daughters: 30


Charlotte Perospero: 1st Son
★Minister of Candy

Charlotte Katakuri: 2nd Son
★★Sweet Commander
(Mochi Mochi Fruit)
Bounty: 1,057,000,000 B

Charlotte Daifuku: 3rd Son
★Minister of Beans
(Hoya Hoya Fruit)

Charlotte Oven: 4th Son
★Minister of Baking
(Netsu Netsu Fruit)

Charlotte Opera: 5th Son
★Minister of Whipped Cream
(Likely Devil Fruit User)

Charlotte Counter: 6th Son

Charlotte Cadenza: 7th Son

Charlotte Cabaletta: 8th Son

Charlotte Gala: 9th Son

Charlotte Cracker ‘Thousand-Arm Cracker’: 10th Son
★★Sweet Commander
★Minister of Biscuits
(Bis Bis Fruit)
Bounty: 860,000,000 B
(Defeated by Luffy)

Charlotte Moscato: 16th Son
★Minister of Gelato

Charlotte Mont d’Or: 19th Son
★Minister of Cheese

Charlotte Dolce & Charlotte Dragee: ? Sons

Charlotte Anglais: ? Son

Number of Yet Unknown Sons: 34

Possible Offspring

★★(Former?) Sweet Commander
(Defeated by Urouge)

Known In-Laws

Capone Bege ‘Gang’:
(Castle Castle Fruit)
Bounty: 300,000,000 B
Rank: Rook
Married to Chiffon
Father to Capone Pez

Married to Praline

Known Grand-Children

Capone Pez ‘Gang’:
Son of Capone Bege and Charlotte Chiffon.

Weekly Shonen Jump #17 Ch.860
Weekly Shonen Jump #23 Ch.864
One Piece Vol.66 Ch.654
One Piece Vol.81 Ch.812
One Piece Vol.82 Ch.824
One Piece Vol.83 Ch.829 & Ch.830 & Ch.834 &Ch.836
One Piece Vol.84 Ch.843 & Ch.845 & Ch.846

Mo(m) Problems

Maybe it’s just me, but the Strawhats’ plan to assassinate Big Mom seems to be going way too smoothly. They’ve been chugging through the assembled forces of an Emperor with very little resistance. Their luck has to run out sooner or later because otherwise this just wouldn’t be One Piece!

It also looks like the Strawhats may have found an unlikely team of allies in the Vinsmokes. Do these cylinders being passed off to them contain the Raid Suits the siblings regretted checking at the door?

Weekly Shonen Jump #24 Ch.865


Standing His Grount

Luffy steamrolling through Grount led to an awakening that allowed the prodigious Marine to reel in the overwhelming power of his animalistic arm. While their battle ended in Grount’s *total* defeat, Luffy’s victory left the young Marine grateful rather than bitter towards the Strawhat!

Speaking of Grount’s revelation, what was the deal with that demonic arm anyway? We never got an explanation but might the ghastly arm be the result of experimentation that lead to the development of SMILE?

His arm looks strikingly similar to some of the appendages of Kaidou’s Gifters. Side note, I wonder if Kuzan petitioned Vegapunk to develop the containment armor.

Anime #782

Sola Power

Sanji fans rejoice! The gentleman cook is back and he’s looking delectable in Episode 783 which officially kicks off the Whole Cake Island Arc! While there’s a lot to talk about in this episode, the stand-out scene for fans was the decadently cheesy Sola segment! Playing off of tokusatsu-hero series, the Sola segment is at once familiar and fresh to fans of One Piece as it conjures up memories of the legendary Sogeking segments while forging new ground as an entirely dialogue-free instrumental scene nearly a minute and a half long! That’s a serious chunk of time for a cornerstone serial anime to go without dialogue but it’s *exactly* how the scene should have been portrayed. Remember, this is a *comic* Vito is talking with Sanji about! Adding fully animated motion and speech to it would have made the scene feel unnatural, unnecessary and far too much like Sogeking’s theme song.

The full view of Sola’s design from the front (despite his carefully obscured identity) is a huge treat by itself but we were also lucky enough to see what I can only imagine is the *official* design of Sola’s robot!

Take note of the robot’s ship feet which allow it to ‘walk’ on the ocean just like Sola!

A brief cut also shows the robot with what appear to be canons protruding from its head making it look almost lagomorphic!

Here’s hoping that one day we’ll find out Sola’s identity!

TV Anime #783