第80回:Kitchen Stadium



Kitchen Stadium

With a mirror and a veritable zoo, Luffy and his team have managed to ruin a house-sized wedding cake!

Big Mom is deeply disturbed by this turn of events but luckily for our heroes, she doesn’t seem to have succumbed to her ‘craving sickness’. But is it just a matter of time before her desire for a wedding cake overtakes her? She has already ordered a *new cake* but in almost the same breath she took the lives of the head-chef’s team members. If we lose the head-chef, then who could possibly whip up a confectionary masterpiece to soothe Mom’s rage? With some quick-thinking and creativity will Sanji’s culinary skills, ones that his father and brothers decried as children, potentially help him save the lives of *everyone* at the feast!?

Weekly Shonen Jump # Ch.863


Starving for Entertainment

Reading the names of the stars for the anime-original ‘Marine Rookie’ arc, I paused on the name ‘Zappa’ and thought to myself, “Naaaah, no way.”

Then I read ‘Bonham’ and thought, “Must be a coincidence!”

But then, watching the episode, I read Prody’s motto ‘Fine-Tuned Justice’ and that was the last straw. Yes, it seems that our colorful cast of new characters are based on movers and shakers of the 70’s rock ‘n’ roll scene.

Zappa is based on Frank Zappa,

Bonham’s name is borrowed from ‘Led Zeppelin’ drummer John Bonham.

Grount is…well it’s difficult to say for sure but it may come from famous music industry manager, Peter *Grant* who managed, among many other famous bands, Led Zeppelin!

TV Anime #780

Grount Beef

What’s going on with Grount’s obsession over defeating pirates? First, in Episode 780, he told Vice-Admiral Prodi that he came to Fron Island’s Base G-F (via order from Garp) because he knew it was close to Big Mom and wanted to defeat her. Near the tail end of Episode 781, while apparently going for the gold in a kamehameha contest, Grount *restated* his hatred of pirates, particularly the Emperors.

Anyone else think there’s a flashback with #thefeels lined up for the next episode?

TV Anime #781