第53回:Climbing Tiger, Smiling Dragon



Climbing Tiger, Smiling Dragon

It seems like just last column we were discussing Kanjuro’s artwork -which is probably because we did- and we’re about to again! Torasaburo & Ryunosuke’s resting places left them in a placement that is hard to imagine as pure coincidence since it perfectly mimics famous Japanese prints and large-scale artwork depicting fantastic scenes of tigers and dragons such as those by Kano Sanraku, Hasegawa Tohaku and Chokuan Soga.

Soru Sister

Oh man!!! Usopp, Nami and Chopper are BOOKING it here! They seem like they’re just a few steps short of using Soru! Do you think the ‘weak trio’ might be able to accomplish such a feat some day? Just imagine the kind of Belly Nami could pilfer with that power!

Terrible Twosome

The clash of Dogstorm and Cat Viper’s weapons resulted in a resounding *CLANG* but I was more interested in the small bolt-like sound effect.

This was similar to the sound effect we heard when Luffy and Don Chinjao clashed in the Dressrosa’s Corrida Colisseum. Do these two mink carry the power of Conqueror’s Haki?


So, is anyone weirded out by not only how fast Franky is moved to full-on ugly crying only to *instantly* revert back to a vexed face?

Weekly Shonen Jump #11 Ch.816

Mall Hats

One Piece Film Gold’s poster reveal graced this issue of JUMP giving all of us some beautiful original artwork to gnaw on and speculate over in the lead-up to the film’s release this July.

A close look at the poster reveals mention of the ‘Gold Stella Show’.

The ‘Stella’ was a real gold coin from the United States minted in the late 19th century worth 4 US dollars which adjusted for inflation is about 100 dollars! Is ‘The Gold Stella Show’ an entertainment show on what appears to be Gildo Tesoro’s casino boat…erm…nation(?) ‘Gran Tesoro’?

Speaking of GOLD-related artwork, some of the Straw hat costume designs from the film have been popping up in JUMP and right here on the official website & they bring with them a surprising reveal! The outrageous set of ‘onboard outfits’ -which have become a tradition showing the Staw hat crew’s playful ‘downtime’ side on Sunny- were actually hinted at in the Chapter 811 color spread!

Doskoi Panda certainly supports quite a variety of…’tastes’…in clothing, *cough* GIANTBEARKIGURUMI *cough*. Excuse me.

Weekly Shonen Jump #5&6 Ch.811
Weekly Shonen Jump #13 Ch.817


The Man Who Knew Too Much

When Mingo offers Law anything he wishes in exchange for performing the Immortality Operation, did you notice that he calls Law by his full name, Trafalgar Water D. Law?

That’s exclusive to the animation! How did Doflamingo find out about Law’s full name? Of Mingo’s crew, only Baby 5, Buffalo and Corazon should have known that. Corazon certainly wouldn’t have spilled the beans but is it possible Buffalo or Baby 5 let that crucial information slip at some point?

TV Anime #721

Sunny with a Chance of Awful

It’s been a rough day for the people of Dressrosa. They awoke to the sudden news of their king rescinding his throne only to find out the news was a ’mistake’. There was an exciting and raucous battle in Corrida Colosseum which got so intense, the revered arena was utterly destroyed! The people of Dressrosa got back their memories and human forms, but then chaos ensued as Mingo threatened to kill all of them with his Birdcage. The *one* thing they had going for them? It was a sunny day. Well, not anymore thanks to the Birdcage!

Did you notice how all of the clouds seem to be coalescing at the top of the Birdcage? This casts an overwhelming sense of doom and gloom over the entire kingdom despite the sunny skies outside.

These poor people can’t catch a break!

TV Anime #722