第95回:Pretty in Pink




While many of us expected Minks to gain a power-up from the full moon, I think we were all surprised at the remarkable result!

WOW! Looking every bit a majestic lion-maned rabbit, Carrot has transformed into a whirling dervish of electricity and speed!

In fact, compare her look to similarly lion-inspired Kumadori from CP9 and Oda-sensei’s characteristic interpretation of lion attributes are unmistakable!

Check out how Carrot is seemingly able fly across great swathes of ocean.

Is that flying or is she using a Moonwalk style of movement? It doesn’t look like Moonwalk to me since that generally leaves behind bursts of air; here it’s Carrot’s electricity that seems to be suspending her. Is she manipulating static electricity to keep herself afloat?

So! Here’s the big question in my mind, in several years’ time, will we be witness to a battle on a full moon night in Wano? Imagine an armada of transformed mink fighting against Kaidou’s forces!

Weight Watching

Check out this leaner and meaner Mom! Are we going to see an agile version of Mom when she finally clashes with the Strawhats? Her stomach is also growling just like Luffy’s! She and Luffy seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth. I’d expect no less from two people after the title of Pirate King!

Who Framed Bavarois?

The unique personalities of the cannon balls remind me of the cartoon bullets used by Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Did those memorable characters help inform Oda-sensei’s handling of these hard-to-hate cannonballs?

Weekly Shonen Jump #2+3 Ch.888
One Piece Vol.42 Ch.407


Pretty in Pink

Thanks to the great number of Charlotte family members on display in this episode, and Volume 87’s cover, I think I might have stumbled on something.

Mom’s family members all have a relation to -or at very least pun on- the name of candy and sweets but I think there’s also a *design-based theme*. Many -if not all- of the family members seem to display (at one point or another) the color pink.

It’s possible that this theme extends beyond even the family members as Pekoms and Baron Tamago also wear pink outfits!

TV Anime #811
One Piece Vol.87